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The NRI's Research Goals:

The Nutrition Research Institute (NRI) studies why people’s metabolism and nutrient requirements differ from person to person. As scientists, physicians, and healthcare practitioners better understand nutritional individuality, they will be able to enhance human health, improve brain development, and more effectively treat diseases like obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

The NRI studies nutritional individuality by conducting research in nutrigenomics and metabolomics. Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition changes the way genes function and how genes change our nutrient requirements. Metabolomics is the simultaneous measurement of thousands of chemicals—in either blood or urine—that make up an individual’s metabolism.

Because most approaches to nutrition consider only the “average” person, nutrigenomics and metabolomics stand out because they customize nutrient requirements specific to an individual. The NRI’s research replaces the previous one-size-fits-all approach to studying nutrition with methods that study individual differences in people’s DNA and metabolism.

By identifying characteristics that predispose individuals to increased requirements for specific nutrients that are known to be associated with brain development and function, protection against cancer, and maintenance of normal body weight, the NRI’s research will allow people to customize their diets in order to maximize wellness and reduce their risk of disease.

Using this new understanding of human metabolic individuality we aim to develop highly targeted solutions that include clinical and community-based interventions with the goal of optimizing brain development and function, as well as preventing cancer, obesity, and the many problems associated with obesity (e.g., diabetes).

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