Appetite For Life – Wednesday, September 18, 2019: “Good Bowls: A social venture to improve healthy food accesswas presented by Alice Ammerman, DrPH, Mildred Kaufman Distinguished Professor of Nutrition, Gillings School of Global Public Health, and Director of the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.Dr. Ammerman’s research for the last 20 years has focused on health disparities and social determinants of health, such as food insecurity, poverty, and lack of economic opportunity. After testing many different approaches to improving food access, common challenges that arise include: lack of affordable healthy food in low income communities; stress and time demands that make it hard to purchase and prepare healthy food; lack of cooking skills, and perishability of fresh food. As a result, she has launched a social venture using healthy (based on the Mediterranean diet with a southern twist) frozen meals sold on a sliding scale to satisfy both foodies and residents of food deserts. The company is Good Bowls: Do good while eating well. Future plans are to work with rural communities to produce the bowls in commercial kitchens, thus contributing to the local economy.      View PowerPoint presentation.      View video.

Appetite For Life @ Johnson & Wales University – Tuesday, October 15, 2019: “Healthy Fall Soups & Stewswas presented by Chef Megan Lambert, MS, RD,  from Johnson & Wales and Sarah Hreyo from the NRI. They came together to demonstrate preparation of delicious, healthy fall soups and stews while sharing tips for consuming a balanced, nutritious diet.    View video.     Recipes.    Nutrition Notes.