Help a child. NRI scientists are exploring how nutrients affect the development of a baby’s brain, even before birth. And what we’re discovering is that babies get the best possible cognitive start when their moms eat essential nutrients before and while they’re pregnant.

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At the NRI we research areas of the brain that regulate learning, memory, emotions, reasoning and problem-solving. We look for connections between mothers’ diets and babies’ brain development; between mothers’ DNA and their babies’ ability to use essential nutrients.

Our science is helping parents build better brains in their developing babies.

Your investment in our research will ensure better brains for today’s kids and those for generations to come.

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Learn more about NRI scientists and their work on brain development and function.

In the Cheatham Nutrition & Cognition Lab, Carol L. Cheatham, Ph.D., is leading her team of researchers in discovering how certain nutrients affect the development of people across the lifespan. For example, she is interested in the development of memory and attention as they are the basis for learning and thus, school readiness. Many different methods are used in the Cheatham lab to assess abilities. Read more.

In the Zeisel Lab, led by NRI director Steven H. Zeisel, Ph.D., M.D, the focus of research is the nutrient choline. Scientists study the functions of choline and the factors that alter its dietary requirement in individuals. Much of this choline research focuses on brain and eye development and how choline and other nutrients influence generation of different types of neural cells that make up the brain and the light-sensing structure of the eye, the retina. Read more.

In the May Lab, Philip May, Ph.D., and his team are working on ways to prevent the negative effects of alcohol on a baby’s brain during pregnancy. They also study nutritional and cognitive interventions that can help the brain repair itself in children born with symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Read more.

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