Study Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine which biomarkers in the blood most accurately reflect choline status. Choline is an important nutrient in human diet.

What participants will do: To do this, volunteer subjects will be placed on a series of three two-week choline diets, each followed by at least a two week washout where you return to your regular diet. We will provide all your meals for the 6 weeks spent on the low choline, medium choline, and adequate choline diets, and you must not eat or drink any other foods during those weeks. We will take blood, urine and stool samples at various times throughout the study to examine various markers and determine how they are changed by dietary choline levels.

Recruiting: Healthy males and females between ages of 17-70 years of age.
To participate your weight must be between 132-177 lbs and you must meet additional eligibility requirements.

Compensation: Eligible participants will be compensated for their time and payments will be reported to the IRS as income unless you choose to participate without compensation.

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Post: Updated June 3, 2019