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Symposium focus

  • the genetic, epigenetic, microbiome, and environmental sources of human metabolic variability
  • how these variabilities are related to different requirements for, and responses to nutrients
  • methods used to assess the above

Who will attend

Scientists and nutrition and medical professionals from academia, government, and industry will attend to help them understand response to interventions.

How to Register

The symposium is full. Registration is closed.


Keynote: Jeremy Nicholson, PhD, Imperial College London
Understanding Gene-Environment-Diet and Lifestyle Interactions in Human Health: A Molecular Phenomic Approach

Lorraine Brennan, PhD, University College Dublin
Metabotyping for Optimal Nutrition

Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD, University of Toronto
Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition

Eric Martens, PhD, University of Michigan
Dietary Fiber to heal colonic mucus erosion and prevent intestinal inflammation

Susan Sumner, PhD, UNC Nutrition Research Institute
Welcome, An Overview of Precision Nutrition at UNC NRI

Wilson Tang, MD, Cleveland Clinic
Gut Bacteria and Individuality

Saroja Voruganti, PhD, UNC Nutrition Research Institute
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Cardiometabolic Risk

Steven H. Zeisel, MD, PhD, Director-UNC Nutrition Research Institute
Nutrigenetics, Nutrition Requirements and Precision Nutrition

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jeremy Nicholson
Dr. Jeremy Nicholson
Faculty of Medicine
Department of Surgery & Cancer

Imperial College London


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Cost of attendance

$345  Includes breakfast and lunch both days, a banquet dinner, shuttle service between the hotel and the symposium.



For additional information

Contact Susie Smith, Business Services Coordinator at (704) 250-5000 or