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Tuesday, May 1
8 AM Registration and Breakfast/Coffee
9 Welcome, An Overview of Precision Nutrition at UNC NRI Susan Sumner, PhD, UNC NRI
10 Understanding gene-environment-diet and lifestyle interactions in human health: A molecular phenomic approach Jeremy Nicholson, PhD, Imperial College, UK
11 Gut Bacteria and Individuality Wilson Tang, MD, Cleveland Clinic
12 PM Networking Lunch and Poster Session
1:30 Dietary Fiber to heal colonic mucus erosion and prevent intestinal inflammation
Eric Martens, PhD, University of Michigan
2:30 Nutrigenetics, Nutrition Requirements and Precision Nutrition Steve Zeisel, MD, PhD, UNC NRI
3:30 Overview and Closing Remarks, Day 1 Martin Kohlmeier, MD, PhD, UNC NRI
4:00-5:30 NRI Tour and Poster Session
6:00-7:30 Banquet Dinner
Wednesday, May 2
8 AM Breakfast/Coffee and Poster Viewing
9 Metabotyping for Optimal Nutrition Lorraine Brennan, PhD, UCD, Dublin, Ireland
10 Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD, University of Toronto
11 Genetic and Environmental Influences on Cardiometabolic Risk Saroja Voruganti, PhD, UNC NRI
12 PM The Future of Precision Nutrition Government and Industry Panel Discussion
1-2:30 Closing Remarks Networking Lunch and Posters