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An Invitation from the Director

Dr. Steven ZeiselOn behalf of the organizing committee, I invite you to a symposium on Defining Precision Nutrition. I eagerly anticipate the coming together of the best minds working in Precision Nutrition today through this conference. The ability to understand why people differ from one another in their metabolism of nutrients and, therefore, why they respond differently to diets, will allow us to individualize diet recommendations and to develop new nutrition interventions. This is what Precision Nutrition can offer, and we predict it will become the standard for evidence-based professional practice of nutrition.

During this symposium we will delve into the tools and approaches needed to study and practice Precision Nutrition—from early discoveries based on genetics to powerful new methods that allow us to measure thousands of small molecules that are the products of metabolism (metabolomics), and exciting developments in our understanding of gut microbes that absorb and metabolize nutrients even before we do. Results of all of our work in these emerging fields will be brought together for our examination and instruction. I look forward to seeing you May 1-2 in Kannapolis, NC!

Steve Zeisel
Kenan Professor of Nutrition
Director, UNC Nutrition Research Institute
Director, UNC Nutrition and Obesity Research Center

Submit your poster abstract to attend.
Deadline is February 28.