The UNC Nutrition Research Institute has a bold mission: to develop an individualized approach to nutrition that will transform our ability to prevent and treat these and other diseases. At the NRI, world-class researchers are developing innovative approaches to understanding the role of diet and activity in brain development, cancer prevention, obesity, fetal alcohol syndrome, diabetes and more.

Make A Difference Where It’s Needed Most

Make A Difference Where It’s Needed Most.

Your unrestricted gifts make it possible for our director to target areas for funding where it’s most needed. Gifts for greatest needs facilitate ground-breaking research by providing the flexibility to respond to opportunities.

Give the gift of good health. Your gifts make it possible to continue our work creating a healthier tomorrow.

Fund Innovation.

Your designated gifts to the NRI Innovation Fund spur discovery, giving scientists crucial lab support as they develop an individualized approach to nutrition focused on genes, diet and metabolism. Approximately one-third of cancer deaths in the United States each year are related to dietary factors. NRI scientists are studying the link between metabolic disease and cancer and how individualized nutrition may be used in treatment and prevention. Help fund nutrition-based solutions to prevent cancer. Your gift of $165 covers lab supplies for one day of scientific exploration.

Support A Student Scientist.

Your support offers student scientists opportunities to learn from world class researchers at the NRI and to explore career opportunities in the scientific world. Gifts will be used for stipends to cover student living expenses and for a portion of lab supplies. Help fund a scientific career.

Your gift of $84 supports a student serving a three-month rotation in an NRI lab for a day.

Educate People About Nutrition.

Your gifts give physicians, health care professionals and others access to the latest NRI research about nutrition — how it enhances health and helps prevent disease.

Public programs, such as the Kindergarten Science Festival and the NRI’s Appetite for Life Academy, bring the latest nutrition research alive through interactive lectures, demonstrations and events. Designed to transform nutrition research into hands-on knowledge, these programs offer practical advice for healthy living as leading experts in individualized nutrition share their latest findings.

Feed people’s appetite for nutrition. Your gift of $50 will allow 15 people to attend the annual Appetite for Life Academy and receive educational materials about nutrition.