Take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved with the UNC Nutrition Research Institute (NRI) and help us become the world’s premier institute for scientific discovery.

Make A Gift

The NRI depends on the generous gifts of friends who support our work. To make a gift or learn more about how your gift can help the NRI, contact the NRI’s Community Outreach office at 704-250-5008, or make a gift online.

Attend Appetite for Life

Be among the first to learn about cutting-edge NRI research! Through the Appetite for Life series, the NRI brings the latest scientific research down to earth in educational and interactive lectures, demonstrations, and events for the community to enjoy. SoundBites, the NRI’s newsletter, shares upcoming events, NRI news, and the latest nutrition research from some of the most respected names in the field. Join our mailing list to hear about upcoming programs.

Participate in Research

Many research projects at the NRI are dependent on individuals who are willing to participate in interesting research studies. By participating in NRI research studies, you will not only help our scientists develop the field of individualized nutrition, but you may also gain valuable insight into your own unique nutrient and metabolic needs. Sign up to hear about the NRI’s research studies.