Study Purpose: The purpose of this research study is to test some newly-designed toys which will be used in future studies to learn about brain development in children.

What participants will do:  You will bring your child to the lab for one session that will last about an hour. During this time, we will play a memory game with your child and we will ask that you fill out a few questionnaires about your child’s language development and temperament. For the memory game, your child will be asked to watch and imitate short action sequences that the researcher will demonstrate. We will assess your child’s ability to imitate and recall these sequences immediately and after a 10-­‐or 20-­‐minute delay.

Recruiting: Children 12 or 24 months old.

Compensation: You will receive a $20 VISA gift card and your child will receive either a small teddy bear, a children’s book, or a Roger Day musical CD as a token of our appreciation.

See if you qualify today!  Call 704-­‐250-­‐5018 or email

Post: August 8, 2018